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Painting حبيبي نده لي قالي الشتا راح

Painting حبيبي نده لي قالي الشتا راح


Oil on canvas

20 x 30 CM.

  • I enjoy painting  Fayrooz because her mesmerizing voice and captivating presence inspire me to express my admiration through painting. The way she effortlessly conveys emotions through her music fuels my creativity and motivates to capture her essence on canvas. Her unique style and timeless beauty provide endless inspiration for my artistic endeavors, allowing me to explore different techniques and colors while portraying her enchanting persona. Painting Fayrooz allows me to pay homage to her cultural significance and celebrate her contributions to the world of music, making it a fulfilling and rewarding experience for you as an artist.

    أستمتع برسم فيروز لأن صوتها الساحر وحضورها الآسر يلهمني للتعبير عن إعجابي من خلال الرسم. إن الطريقة التي تنقل بها المشاعر بسهولة من خلال موسيقاها تغذي إبداعي وتحفزني على التقاط جوهرها على التوال. أسلوبها الفريد وجمالها الخالد يوفران إلهامًا وحافزا للابداع  لا نهاية له، مما يسمح لي باستكشاف تقنيات وألوان مختلفة أثناء تصوير شخصيتها الساحرة. تتيح لي لوحة فيروز الإشادة بأهميتها الثقافية والاحتفال بمساهماتها في عالم الموسيقى، مما يجعلها تجربة غاية في المتعة لي كفنانة.

This painting is an original, abstract, high quality 100% hand-painted oil/acrylic painting on canvas. Signed by the artist, shipp to you with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist. To protect painting well during international shipping, all paintings are shipping in: 1- wooden box ( Unframed and streched canvas ) or 2- Rolled(Unframed/Not stretched) and shipped in a quality plastic/cardboard tube to avoid damages.. Rolled Canvas sent with 2 inches border for framing. This wall hanging will look beautiful as office decor, home decor, in any lobby or building, or even in the bedroom, living room, or children's room decor.

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