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Artist Dowa Hattem finds joy in capturing nature's essence, a source of joy in life. She paints flowing floral abstracts, translating intricate human emotions through forms and colors. "I use different techniques, palettes, styles, and textures according to the changing conditions of nature," says Dowa. With an M.A. in Painting and a Ph.D. in Philosophy, she is currently a university professor in the Faculty of Applied Arts in Egypt. A selection of her works grace the walls of the Egyptian Ministry of Culture and the Museum of Modern Art in Cairo. Dowa paints outdoors and adds final touches in her studio. Whether in her ample Cairo space surrounded by a garden or a smaller workroom in Spain with plants and flowers, she paints to the tunes of Eastern music and classical compositions.

Her artwork was acquired in Culture ministry,  Egyptian Modern Art Museum, Cairo Opera House, El Ahrame newspaper, Helwan University.

Special acquisitions in Egypt, Spain, United States And the Arab countries. 

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